The new Marrakech is here

After a year of work and preparation, the new Marrakech fruit juice has been launched in Morocco in April 2018. All is new : recipes, product ranges and also the look.

Three product ranges were launched by Mutandis :

– Selection : with a unique black packaging. this premium and pure fruit
juice is especially made for real juice lovers. no colouring, no artificial
sweeteners, full of delicious taste.

– Tradition : the packaging illustrates the city of Marrakech, with flavours
we loved as kids taking us back to Moroccan culinary traditions. Our star
flavours : orange and cinnamon, orange and orange blossom, our best
Moroccan recipes.

– World Flavors : the festive packaging invites to summer and beach and
the exotic fruits offer the flavours of the islands.

All the success for the rebirth of the Marrakech brand, our childhood favorite drink !