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Mutandis is a Moroccan industrial group specialized in household consumer goods.

Acting in several business categories, Mutandis has built a portfolio of strong and dynamic brands present throughout Morocco, to make their daily life easier.


In the detergent category, Mutandis is one of the top two Moroccan players, behind two multinationals that have been present in Morocco for decades. Located 40 km from Casablanca, the Mutandis industrial site produces powdered detergents (for hand and machine washing), multi-use detergent paste, bleach, surface cleaning liquid as well as Dishwasher soap.

The main brands managed by Mutandis in this sector are Maxi’s (value for money) and Magix (low price).

Mutandis also manages other complementary brands such as Wash and Nex. Mutandis distributes its products through 3 channels: modern distribution (hypermarkets, supermarkets, etc.), wholesalers and retailers (general and specialized grocery stores).

Gradually, as a reward for its industrial excellence and its research and development capabilities, the Mutandis industrial site has become a producer of choice for other brands, notably private labels.


In the Seafood category, Mutandis is the second Moroccan player producing pelagic fish cans. It represents about 12 % of Moroccan exports of canned pelagic fish.

In 5 factories, 4 industrial sites ( 2 in Safi, 1 in Agadir and 1 in Dakhla), Mutandis produces approximately 139 million cans per year (sardines and mackerel) and employs 2200 people. Supply is sourced from both artisanal coastal fishing and modem coastal fishing at the major ports of Morocco.

Mutandis sells mostly outside Morocco, in Africa (approximately 50%) and Europe (approximately 40%) as well as in other parts of the World. On the African continent, Mutandis manages and develops two major brands: Josiane and Anny. In Europe, sales are mostly done with retailers own-brands; Germany, Scandinavia, Great Britain and Italy being the main markets.


Mutandis is the industrial partner of the biggest food drink brands in Morocco, as well as in some African countries. In Morocco, Mutandis is the national leader in the manufacture of PET bottles and plastic caps for carbonated drinks, mineral and table waters, table oil, and recently, fruit juices.

At its industrial site in Casablanca, Mutandis produces more than 600 million bottles and 500 million bottle caps a year, the value of which generally represents between a third and a fifth of the cost price of a food drink. Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Ice (aerated sodas) Lesieur, Huilor, Cristal, Siof (table oils), Aïn Saiss, Aïn Ifrane, Aïn Soltane, Sidi Harazem, Ciel (mineral / table waters), Pulpy, Al Boustane , Marrakech (fruit juice) are some of Mutandis' partners in this category.

Recently, Mutandis has been exporting regularly to African bottlers, in particular in Mauritania, Cameroon, and even in Ivory Coast.


In the fruit juice category, Mutandis owns the oldest and most iconic brand in Morocco, Marrakech. The brand was created 30 years ago by a then state-owned company, and remained for years synonym for orange juice in Morocco. It has always been perceived as upscale and high quality with a strong presence in the pure juice category.

The factory is located in Kenitra, 40 km north of Rabat. The range includes pure juice, fruit nectar and fruit based soft drinks. We use both cartons and PET bottles for our packaging.

Mutandis sells Marrakech in 3 channels: modern trade, wholesalers and retailers (convenience stores).
Marrakech being first and foremost a well-known touristic destination, with a worldwide reach, it makes it easier to export our products to many African, European and Middle Eastern countries.

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