Mr Adil Douiri was born in Rabat in 1963. He is an engineer, and graduated from Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées in Paris.

During six years (1986-1992), he worked for European Investment Bank Paribas, where he managed American stock market investments for the Bank and its clients.

He then moved back to Morocco to take part in the development of his country. Mr Adil Douiri co-founded the first investment bank of the Kingdom, Casablanca Finance Group – CFG Group today, that has been pioneering innovations on the Moroccan stock market. He was the President of the Supervisory Board of this investment bank until November 2002.

Today, CFG Group is one of the leading players in the Investment Banking field in Morocco and Mr Adil Douiri is one of its shareholders of reference and board member.

Besides its professional activity, he has multiplied charity actions and his engagement as a citizen:

  • He participated in the creation of the Academia Foundation for merit and excellence (1997). Academia aims at financing the studies of underprivileged Moroccan students in the best Universities and Schools of the World;
  • He has been President of the Academia Foundation from 1999 to 2001;
  • He is a leading member of the Istiqlal political party;
  • Founder and President of the Alliance of Istiqlalian Economists;
  • Former member of the G14 think tank near His Majesty The King Hassan II (1996-1999);
  • Former member of the CGEM executive board (Association of Moroccan Companies) and former President of its economic and financial commission;
  • Personal involvement in the institutional development of the Moroccan financial markets.

Mr Adil Douiri was appointed Minister of Tourism on November 7th 2002, and Minister of Tourism, Handicraft and Social Economy on June 8th 2004, in the government of His Majesty the King Mohamed VI.

Since February 2008, he is the founder and manager of Mutandis SCA, an industrial group. Founded in 2008, Mutandis is a Moroccan industrial group specialized in consumer goods, in Morocco and Africa.

Mr Adil Douiri is also a board member of several listed and private companies, among which Moroccan and African BMCE Bank and cement player Holcim in Morocco.