Founded by Adil Douiri, Mutandis is an industrial and commercial group specialized in consumer goods in Morocco and Africa. Mutandis also exports some of its products to Europe and the Middle East.

Morocco, where Mutandis was born, is a fast developing country, that is undergoing a rapid urbanization and a sustained expansion of the middle class, leading to a steady rise in household consumption.

Mutandis chose to invest in the business sectors that are benefiting from these trends, in Morocco first, and then progressively across the African continent. Mutandis is currently operating in 3 sectors: Detergents, Seafood Products, and Food Bottles.

The operating activities of Mutandis have an industrial component, as Mutandis is manufacturing most of its products itself.

At the end of 2014, Mutandis owned 6 industrial sites and was preparing a 7th, with a total of 3000 employees.

Our business lines

Our ambition

Mutandis aims at building a Group with a regional footprint, that owns and develops its brands whenever possible, in order to build a strong and sustainable relationship with the consumers. Mutandis is growing naturally with the development of volumes (household consumption). Mutandis also aims at growing with the development of new markets and new territory, particularly in Africa, ,where the company is making about a quarter of its turnover. Mutandis exports its products to Africa out of its Moroccan industrial sites, but has the ambition, in a second stage, to produce locally, either through acquisitions or by setting up new production plants.

The food and hygiene industries remain first on the line as regards external growth initiatives.


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