Who are we?

In the Seafood sector, Mutandis is the second Moroccan player producing pelagic fish cans. It represents about 12 % of Moroccan exports of canned pelagic fish.

In 5 factories, 4 industrial sites ( 2 in Safi, 1 in Agadir and 1 in Dakhla), Mutandis produces approximately 139 million cans per year (sardines and mackerel) and employs 2200 people. Supply is sourced from both artisanal coastal fishing and modem coastal fishing at the major ports of Morocco.

Mutandis sells mostly outside Morocco, in Africa (approximately 50%) and Europe (approximately 40%) as well as in other parts of the World. On the African continent, Mutandis manages and develops two major brands: Josiane and Anny. In Europe, sales are mostly done with retailers own-brands; Germany, Scandinavia, Great Britain and Italy being the main markets.

Our ambition

At first, Mutandis focused on organising supply for the factories in order to ensure a sufficient utilization rate of the industrial capacities and steady availability throughout the year.

Mutandis’ strategy now shifted to increasing the value added to its products, and reducing the weight of its bottom-range products.

Mutandis also wants to target certain sizeable markets in North and Sub-Saharan Africa where it is not present yet, and where it will ensure that consumer brand awareness for Josiane and Anny is built and strengthened.

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