Who we are ?

In the fruit juice business, Mutandis owns the oldest and most iconic brand in Morocco, Marrakech. The brand was created 30 years ago by a then state-owned company, and remained for years synonym for orange juice in Morocco. It has always been perceived as upscale and high quality with a strong presence in the pure juice category.

The factory is located in Kenitra, 40 km north of Rabat. The range includes pure juice, fruit nectar and fruit based soft drinks. We use both cartons and PET bottles for our packaging.

Mutandis sells Marrakech in 3 channels: modern trade, wholesalers and retailers (convenience stores).
Marrakech being first and foremost a well-known touristic destination, with a worldwide reach, it makes it easier to export our products to many African, European and Middle Eastern countries.

Our ambition

Mutandis aims at turning Marrakech as one of the top 3 players in Morocco by positioning the brand as synonym for excellence, quality, authenticity and health. Continuous improvement of the product and a rigorous production process are the key to success. So is our ability to widen the range to offer the right product to each consumer.

Abroad, the power of the Marrakech name, as well as the association in the consumer mind between Morocco, Sun and Oranges will undoubtedly help our ambition to export volumes at least similar to those sold in Morocco.

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