Who are we?

Mutandis is the industrial partner for the most well-known beverage brands in Morocco, as well as in certain African counties. In Morocco, Mutandis is the national leader in the production of PET bottles and plastic bottle-caps for Sodas, mineral and table water, cooking oil, and more recently fruit juice.

In its Casablanca industrial site, Mutandis produces 600 million bottles and 500 million bottle-caps a year, which generally represents between a third and a fifth of a beverage all-in-cost. Mutandis’ partners in this sector include: Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Ice (Sodas), Lesieur, Huilor, Cristal, Siof (cooking oil), Aïn Saiss, Aïn Ifrane, Aïn Soltane, Sidi Harazem, Ciel (mineral / table water), Pulpy, Al Boustane, Marrakech (fruit juices).

Since recently, Mutandis exportsto African bottlers, in particilar, in Mauritania, Cameroun or even the Ivory Coast.

Our ambition

In this sector, Mutandis aims at growing in line with the natural development of beverage consumption in Morocco and the region. Mutandis also benefits from the gradual shift towards noble PET packaging, away from glass and other plastic materials of lower quality. Its ambition is to conquer new categories of beverages, whilst ensuring to build steady and close partnerships with the bottlers of a certain number of African countries.

Adding new production plants outside Morocco, is an additional source of future growth for Mutandis.