Food Bottles

Mutandis is the industrial partner for the most well-known beverage brands in Morocco, as well as in certain African counties. In Morocco, Mutandis is the national leader in the production of PET bottles and plastic bottle-caps for Sodas, mineral and table water, cooking oil, and more recently fruit juice.

In its Casablanca industrial site, Mutandis produces 600 million bottles and 500 million bottle-caps a year, which generally represents between a third and a fifth of a beverage all-in-cost. Mutandis’ partners in this sector include: Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Ice (Sodas), Lesieur, Huilor, Cristal, Siof (cooking oil), Aïn Saiss, Aïn Ifrane, Aïn Soltane, Sidi Harazem, Ciel (mineral / table water), Pulpy, Al Boustane, Marrakech (fruit juices).

Since recently, Mutandis exportsto African bottlers, in particilar, in Mauritania, Cameroun or even the Ivory Coast.

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